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  • Hubei Shuangjian Blower Production Co., Ltd.


    Development Planning
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    2006---2010 Development Planning  
            The company has got strong base in fan industry. It highlights main industry in the development of the enterprise and products chain and tries hard to gain achievements in the production arts and main products. As the development future has been appointed as well as the development investment, the enterprise will cooperates with financial institutes and imports more abroad capitals and develops the relative products with the main products and makes efforts to coordinate to the regulation plan.

    (1) Products and market
    Develop the main products stably and develop more types products according to the requirements of the market:
    High temperature fan was put into production before September 2006. The sales income is planned to be 100 million yuan in 2010.
    Gas making, Smelting and other fans’ wind entering amount can be 1200 m3/min, Agglomeration fan wind entering amount 10000 stere/mins.
    Before 2007, Thin oil stations and power distribution cabinet can be mainly used for the company, In 2008, the sales should be realized and in 2010, the sales income should be more than 30 million yuan.
    In 2010, the production income should be more than 600 million yuan.

    (2)  Infrastructure
    The 6,000 square meters water-wheel electric motor assembly plant and ancillary facilities will be finished before September 2006.
    In 2007, 4,000 square meters steel workshops was build which can be used for the production of electricity facilities. In 2008, the employees’ dormitory enlarging project was finished.

    (3)  Manpower development
    Imported Water-wheel Electric Motor, Electric motor design employees;
    Imported senior management employees and prepared for the Group Company;
    Imported E-NC Equipments operation staffs;
    Enhance the degree to choose technologists to study in Xi’an Jiaotong University and so on.

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