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  • Hubei Shuangjian Blower Production Co., Ltd.


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        Hubei Shuangjiang Blower Production Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. Leaded by Yang Jianming,Cheng Kaiquan, Duan Jianguo and so on. It based on the great technical advantages of Hubei Province Blower Factory. It based on the 5 million yuan capital.

         At that time, the government was carrying on the economy system reform to regulate the national-owned economy structure. The government enhanced the economy structure regulation degree to solve the no reasonable economy structure and high rate of unpleasant capital. In order to promote the national-owned capital structure regulation, the central government encouraged merger, standard bankruptcy, lay-off and re-employment project. The times call for high efficient enterprise system. The enterprise adheres to the condition of the times to create new generation enterprise.

         At the start of the business, it mainly produced products for some of the large scale enterprises. The enterprise began to cultivate technologists and develop high tech level products: HTD Cupola centrifugal Blower. In 2001, the Shuangjiang Brand has grown into a famous brand which gained great reputation among the customers.

        With 8 years’ efforts, the company has been the leading enterprise in the same field. In 2005, various brands of Shuangjiang products total productivity can be 350 million yuan and the taxation can be 15 million. It is one of the largest scale enterprises with the best benefit in the same field. It has formed 60 series and 800 specifications models productive scale.

          In May, 2006, the general manager Yang Jianming together with other people went to Singapore to investigate there. After that, the chairman board suggest: we should start from recycle type society and transform Shuangjian Produced to Shuangjian Created. Besides the building of modern production enterprise, it should own technology and management ability and keep close to the latest development of the world modern enterprises to improve the sustaining growing ability. The enterprise will adhere to the harmonious development between economical society and environmental society outlook to carry out the enterprise’s development strategy.

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