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  • Hubei Shuangjian Blower Production Co., Ltd.


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         Enterprise is like the tree and culture is the root of the tree, spirit is motivation. The culture of the enterprise includes Way of thinking, behavior. Shuangjiang Blower Production Co., Ltd. plans to develop the culture from feeling, theory and law.

          It is the root of the culture of the enterprise to connect the employees’ development to the enterprise’s development, ivesters’ benefit to enterprise income, spirit requirement of the society to the spirit of the enterprise, development direction of the enterprise to the requirement of the market. It is our goal to guide the construction of the enterprise’ culture with scientific method.

    The origin, development and improvement of the enterprise spirit

          The founder of the enterprise Yang Jianming highlights the importance of culture at the very beganing of the enterprise. For 8 years, the enterprise keeps on cultivate the characteristic culture of the enterprise.

    1, origin
    Shuangjiang spirit origin can date back to the beginning of the enterprise foundry. At the end of 80’s. the enterprise is the branch of Hubei Province fan Factory, the first period is hard. The founders sensed the chance of the times.
    To be credit, diligent, work hard and unremitting self-improvement is the spirit of the enterprise at the first period.
    2, Development stage
    Enterprise spirit is the superstructure of the enterprise; it has close relation with the income of the enterprise. Great Spirit can promote the development of the enterprise while the development of the enterprise can provide motivation and guarantee to the enterprise spirit. From 1998 to 2003, this period is the fast development period of the enterprise.
    3, Completed stage
    In 2003, Shuangjiang Blower Production Co., Ltd. income has surpassed 100 million yuan. It has realized the goal to realize the one million yuan within five years. It stands for the first climax of the enterprise.
    Shuangjiang Company third development backward can be divided into the following stages: Started opening up more in-depth, external funding, Technical richer; knowledge economy has become an important force in the development of enterprises, innovation has become a fresh vitality of the enterprise during this period ;Inside the enterprise, the technology equipments, workshops and equipments, R&D Project have gained great achievements. However, new times require more new thoughts to talents. The enterprise needs to absorb new talents, provide development platform for the talents. The development of the enterprise is relative closely to the talents. Paying fo the talent makes the enterprise the biggest Beneficiaries.

    Shuangjiang spirit summary: innovation, improvement, credit can surpassing.

    Behavior principle: respect the value of the talents, serve the customers and pursuit outstanding.

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